Marine Box

Customize fabrication FRP boxes of all sizes for use in marine industry Fire Extinguisher Box, Fire Hose Box, Life-Jacket Box, Helideck & Fire Fighting Equipments Cabinet etc...

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Customization Work

Customize fabrication fibreglass boxes upon demand with Mold Transfer System method by hand lay Battery Box, Junction Box, Laundry Trolly etc...

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Custom made of fibreglass design furniture Chair, Benches, Table Top, Counter Top etc...

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FRP Props

Repair of fibreglass water jet-ski and props for use in amusement park include spray painting

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Planter Box

Customize fabrication planter box of all sizes Rectangular, Square, Cylindrical etc...

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Dry/Wet Slide

Repair & fabrication of fibreglass slide for both dry & wet type

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Fabrication FRP storage tank for chemicals storage. Cylindrical Vertical or Horizontal, Rectangular etc...

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Fibreglass Grating

Trading of FRP grating Molded or Pultruded based on project basis

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Domestic Water Tank Repair

Repair of sectional panel tank with fibreglass lining and collect of water sampling for PUB approval accordingly to authority requirements

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Swimming Pool

Construction of fibreglass swimming pool base on design include filtration system

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About Us

With years of experience in a fibreglass company, colleagues get together to form 'Meng Fibreglass Composites Pte Ltd' that is enthusiasm to provide fibreglass(FRP) solutions and maintenance works. The company was register in August 2012 and provides maintenance and repair services.Years later, the company had reformed into "DS Fibreglass Technology Pte Ltd" and continued to provide quality services in the industry.


To provide solution for fibreglass composites, maintenance and repair works with competence and quality services.





Widely introduce the use of fibreglass (FRP/GRP) in all sectors. Be it in marine, chemical, transportation, construction, leisure etc…


DS Fibreglass Technology Pte Ltd

formly know as Meng Fibreglass Composites Pte Ltd





Operating Hours

Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 6:00pm

Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday